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GW Bonemeal 2.5kg


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GW Bonemeal 2.5kg

N.P.K 3.5-14-0

Bonemeal is a slow release plant feed that can be used for root building around the stems of plants. Bonemeal can be used for the planting of trees and shrubs to get them off to a good start and as a general plant food to keep your plants in top quality condition. Bonemeal is NOT RECOMENDED for plants such as Azalea, Rhododendron and heathers.

Directions for use Use in AUTUMN before first frost for WINTER boosting, use for new plantings and added nutrients to garden areas in the SPRING after the frost has left the ground.

NEW PLANTING- use 50g into prepared holes for planting trees, shrubs and roses.

BULB PLANTING- use a light sprinkling into pre-prepared holes in the garden or planters. use twice in the season, once prior to planting and then again in AUTUMN after the first frost, to give bulbs a boost before they close down for WINTER. VEGETABLES & FLOWERING- use 75g-100g per square meter applied and worked evenly into the top 20-30cm of soil. In mulched areas pull back the mulch and scatter the Bonemeal in a ring around the plant staying 7-8cm away from the crown of stem. Re-level the mulch and water thoroughly.

We recommend wearing gardening gloves when handling this product Once applied ensure the application is raked in well. Do not leave on top of soil as this product is attractive to dogs. Do not use in areas where cattle, sheep, goats and deer have access. Wash hands after use. Store in a safe dry place away from children and pets. Do not apply during frost or windy days, Do not breath in dust. Contents may settle during transit.


Our Approach

In terms of delivery methods and costs, we aim to be as transparent as possible with our costs and be as honest as possible with the timescales that we can get your orders out to you. We do not boast about being the cheapest or the quickest but aim to provide you with quality products at as cost effective price that we can, delivered within reasonable timescales aimed at building long term customer satisfaction.

How Quickly Will My Order Be Dispatched?

We aim to collate and dispatch your order within 5 working days of us receiving it.  Our various delivery partners aim to deliver your order within three working days of us dispatching it. We will always aim to meet this deadline but during extended holiday periods or times of inclement weather this time frame may be extended.

Who Will Deliver My Order?

Due to the complex amount of products, sizes, weights and quantities it is impossible for us to use one delivery partner. Therefore, we aim to use the following delivery channels depending on your orders weight:-

For orders under 2kg will usually be delivered by Royal Mail. Unless they are items like weedkillers and pesticides that will be delivered by DHL*

For orders between 2.1kg and 100kg will be delivered by either Parcelforce or DHL*

For orders over 100kg will be delivered by Pallet Force Network*

*The time it takes to deliver your goods will be down to the delivery partners ability to reach your post code area and them actually being able to deliver the order but if you have not received your goods within 10 days of ordering, please make contact with us immediately in order for us to investigate the problem.

Are There Any Areas That You Cannot Deliver To?

Due to the weight of some of our products, if purchased in large quantities, it would make it financially unviable to deliver to certain Post Code areas. As a matter of course we do not delivery outside of the United Kingdom.

To help you consider if your order can easily be fulfilled we have outlined below where our logistic partners can deliver at a realistic price:-

Up to 2kg we can deliver to all of England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland.

Between 2.1kg and 75kg we can deliver to all of England, Scotland ( exluding Offshore & Scotish Isles) & Northern Ireland. Please note that deliveries to Scotland and Northern Ireland will take between 3 to 4 days and incur additional surcharges. These have been built into the delivery price.

For orders over 75kg we can only realistically deliver to customers in England and Wales.

Can I collect my order?

There is no problem with you collecting your order from us. We are open 8.00am – 4.00pm Monday to Friday and on selective Saturday mornings between 9.00am to 12 noon. Details of Saturday opening dates are displayed on the Home Page

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