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Thank you for your interest in Gro-Well. Unfortunately due to staff issues, supplier shut downs, lack of stock and a massive reduction in delivery options we have had to make the difficult decision to temporarily shut down our website. This will remain the until the current situation ends and stock becomes available again.

Any orders already placed will be processes as quickly as stock becomes available and delivery partners can deliver.

Plantcare Pre-Cut Basket Liners 14inch

Plantcare Pre-Cut Basket Liners 14inch

Plantcare Woolmoss Pre-Cut Hanging Basket Liner's 14inch (35cm)

Woolmoss is produced using high temperature washed raw fleece making it a high performing, economic alternative to moss.

Its uniform consistency makes it ideal for use in high volume flower basket production, increasing efficiency and eliminating waste. Pleasant to handle and guaranteed free of insects. Woolmoss is fully biodegradable and compostable.


• Safe to handle high temperature scoured.

• Totally natural 100% wool blend from certified UK and European sources.

• Moisture retention absorbs several times its own weight of water, reducing risk of drying out and frequency of watering. Excess water is allowed to drain away, thus preventing water-logging and root damage.

• Nutrient source Nitrogen and trace elements and other plant nutrients are slowly released.

• Weather Protection acts as an effective barrier against the wind and helps maintain temperatures in the root zone.

• Shelf life unlike moss, Woolmoss doesn’t dry out or rot.

• Aeration allows air through to the roots, facilitating oxygenation.

Single Liner


Size Qty Discount
Single Liner 10+ £0.30 Per Unit

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