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Thank you for your interest in Gro-Well. Unfortunately due to staff issues, supplier shut downs, lack of stock and a massive reduction in delivery options we have had to make the difficult decision to temporarily shut down our website. This will remain the until the current situation ends and stock becomes available again.

Any orders already placed will be processes as quickly as stock becomes available and delivery partners can deliver.

Bayer Kybosh 400ml

Bayer Kybosh 400ml

Bayer Kybosh 400ml

Easy to use spray that kills common pests like wasps, flies, fleas, woodlice, beetles, moths, bluebottles, silverfish, flying ants, ants, daddy long legs, mosquitoes, earwigs and coachroaches.

Note: Always follow manufacturers instructions and keep out of the reach of children and pets.

Single 300ml


Quantity Qty Discount
Single 300ml 12+ £0.23 Per Unit

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