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Ovara Di-Ard

Ovara Di-Ard

Ovara DI-ARD 

Di-Ard is a biodegradable quaternary ammonium compound (9.2% dialkyldimethyl ammonium chloride) - this basically means it is a water based concentrate which is used to kill algae, mosses, lichen, wood rotting fungi and moulds on external hard surfaces. It can also be used as a wood preservative.

How does it work?

Di-Ard is simply diluted with the recommended rate of water and sprayed or washed over the affected area.

No rinsing, scrubbing or powerwashing is required - just leave the product to work its magic.

Di-Ard is readily bio-degradable and non bio-accumulating. Once the treated area has dried the surface is safe for animals, pets and children. Di-Ard is also safe to treated surfaces and has NO staining properties.

Where can it be used?

Di-Ard can be used on external hard surfaces and because it contains no abrasive properties in can be used on delicate surfaces that powerwashing may damage.

Di-Ard can be used to treat:

  • roofs
  • walls
  • patios
  • driveways
  • tennis courts
  • car parks
  • greenhouses/conservatories
  • thatch
  • metal
  • caravans
  • boats


Di-Ard is sold as a concentrate and can be diluted to your own requirements.

For example

1 Litre of Di-Ard

  • 1:10 dilution covers 50 sq meters
  • 1:20 dilution covers 100 sq meters

5 Litres of Di-Ard

  • 5:50 dilution covers 250 sq meters
  • 5:100 dilution covers 500 sq meters

Non-professional Use

We are pleased that the Health & Safety Executive has given permission for non-professional (general public/amateur) users to benefit from the high concentrate of Di-Ard.

*Used as directed & in the correct conditions Di-Ard keeps surfaces clear of re-growth from approximately six to 12 months depending on weather and wind conditions.


 5ltr Single


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